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Whether you’re looking for hurricane protection, increased security, energy-efficiency, noise reduction, or simply improved curb appeal, the type of glass you select plays an important role in the performance and look of your windows and doors. PGT offers an extensive selection of glass types designed to meet your needs for your home or commercial property.



Tempered glass is produced similarly to heat-strengthened glass: beginning as annealed glass and being heated to approximately 1300°F; however, tempered glass is then cooled rapidly (faster than the process for cooling heat-strengthened glass) to create higher surface compression. This compression makes the glass more resistant to blunt impact and even more tolerant to temperature swings than heat-strengthened glass.Tempered glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than annealed glass and is also known as “safety glass” due to its breakage pattern.


If tempered glass is impacted with enough force to break, the glass will shatter into countless small, slightly cube-shaped pieces that present less of a cutting hazard.








Tempered glass      
breakage pattern     


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